Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winter food preservation projects

I was just reviewing all that I canned this year to see what I might like to use for Christmas or hostess gifts this holiday season.    I was surprised to see how low I am already on strawberry jam.   Technically, it's not even winter yet and I am almost out.  Last June, I made 15 pints of Natural Strawberry Jam.   It gets eaten every day around here - next year I need to remember to make more.  I also made salsa and a couple kind of ketchups, brined dill pickles, fresh dill pickles, and pickled green beans.  I made lots of liqueurs...strawberry, blueberry, cherry, raspberry.  But it is nearing winter in Michigan and there's not much local food to put up.  What would be some good things to can for the holidays?

I still have some Major Grey's Chutney left from last April - mangoes come into season in winter and it is the best time to can this chutney.  Another great food preservation project for winter is to make your own vinegar.  I bought some Michigan blueberry, cherry and raspberry wine from the Leleenau that I think will make some great vinegars.  I better get them going today.  Here are some recipes I might try for winter canning.  These would make great Christmas or hostess gifts:

Champagne Grape Jelly

Pickled Garlic, Shallots and Pearl Onions


Anonymous said...

Likewise, we've already eaten our way through a 1/2 pint of blueberry/cherry jam, a pint of strawberry raspberry jam and are halfway through a pint of strawberry jam. I make Jeff a breakfast PBJ sandwich every day, so I guess I do use a lot.

I love giving hostess gifts too, btw...people are always so delighted! I usually bring flowers but I'm digging the canned food idea....

Mickie said...

I still have a ton of grape concord juice left. I just juiced them and canned it up. I've already made 50 jars of grape jam so I am wondering if you have any ideas for the rest of the juice. (It still contains the pulp as well)

BTW..I really do have a ton if you want some for making jam.

Maggie said...

The only thing I can think of is something new with apples. I'm drowning in apples from our property as well as the bag coming in each week from my CSA. I already put up apple sauce and dried slices and no one around here is a fan of apple butter.