Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Some interesting things I came across lately....

The other day, while eating some bi bim bop at Kosmo's Deli in Kerrytown, I picked up a copy of Natural Awakenings  which is one of those free alternative publications that you can pick up in newspaper boxes around town.    As much as I wish I could pick up a paper copy of  The Onion  in Ann Arbor, like you can in Chicago, I'm still grateful for the plethora of alternative news publications we do have offered.   Normally, I don't find much of value in Natural Awakenings, but this month, I found some things that caught my eye:

  • Sacred Essences - this is a local company that specializes in flower essences.   I'd love to learn more...I've added their blog to my reader list.
  • Simplicity - I really do need to read Thoreau - this winter is the time.   Meanwhile, how many of these items on Linda Breen Pierce's Recipe of Simplicity can I start doing and when?
  • If I can't make it to my yoga class...I should at least try these suggested holiday yoga poses...but maybe I need to figure out a way to get to a Sweet Suhka Yoga class once in a while. 
Your thoughts?

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