Monday, November 16, 2009

Some interesting facts about my blog....

I like to use Google Analytics to find out things about what people read on my blog.   Not that the numbers mean anything, since I blog totally for free, but it is always interesting to me to understand what posts my readers like the most.

  • My blog averages about 100 reads a day.  I am always a little shocked to find out that it's more than a handful of people I know and love.  Whoever you are, thank you!
  • My most popular post has always been one I wrote in 2006 about pickled eggs.  One time the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel featured it, so I think that's why it is so popular.  
  • My top 5 posts are rounded out with the recipe for Olga Bread from Olga's Kitchen Restaurant...(I used to work there when I was a teen), a canning recipe for Major Grey's chutney,  how to can strawberry jam without adding boxed pectin
  • I started my blog in Jan. 2006.  My first post was about how much I don't like eating at McDonalds.   I had to eat there a lot because the kids liked it then.   Note they have grown out of it!  They have seen the movie Super Size me and they don't want to eat it any more.   They much prefer Taco Bell or Wendy's now. 
I have noticed over my almost 3 years of food blogging, many people start food blogs, few continue.   All I can say is to try to write at least once a week.  That has helped me stick with it.

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