Friday, November 06, 2009

The Michigan Lady Food Bloggers

Who are the Michigan Lady Food Bloggers?  It's a group of women that live in Michigan that blog about food.   We have a google group where we talk about food and blogging, and about every quarter or so, we get together for potlucks.    The MLFB started a while ago when there were a few of us that lived in Ann Arbor got together for tea because we read each others blogs.  We've gotten together to shop at the farmer's market, we've held cookie exchanges, we've had outdoor cookouts,  we've tasted French wine and made French recipes featured in MTAOFC a la Julie and Julia.   We've drank many a mojito together.   We've attended folk music festivals together.  We've canned together.  A group of us eats breakfast most every Friday together.  Some of us have moved from Michigan - one now lives in Denver, another in Mexico, but once in MLFB, always in MLFB.   We've got more bloggers outstate now - as far north as Traverse City.  (I'd love to find a Yooper woman blogging about food to add to our group - know anyone?)   Some of us work in the food industry, as food writers or chefs or farmers.  Others are civilians that like eating and cooking.  Some of us are fabulous cooks, and some, like me, are always working on honing their skills.   Being a great cook or a great writer isn't a requirement to join - just a love of food and writing about it.  We write a joint food blog together called My Food Tribe.

Why is it all women?  Early on, we took a poll - because there are many fine food blogs written by men, we wondered if we should include both sexes.   I voted "no" - mostly because I work with all men and most of my friends are men and I wanted to make some more women friends.  The majority decide to keep it all women, so that's the way it is today.  What's the best thing about MLFB?  Blogging can be a lonely endeavor if you never actually get to meet any of your readers face to face - that's where the MLFB comes in.  We comment on each others posts, we link to each others posts.  Also, many people start food blogs, few people keep at it.  Being part of a blogging group inspires me to keep the blog fires burning.    So, are you a woman that lives in Michigan that writes a food blog?  I invite you to join us.   Are you thinking about starting a food blog?  We'll let you join, but you have to promise to start one ASAP, or we will gently nag you about it.   To find out more about joining, send me an email at momskitchen at comcast dot net.


mlle noelle said...

Well said! Next time I refer someone I'm going to direct them to this post :)

Shayne said...

I am touched that you mentioned me in Mexico but lets be sure to mention Joan who is in Japan. the Michigan Lady food bloggers are getting a little global these day. :)