Sunday, May 03, 2009

What is this plant?

It's growing everywhere on my's choking out the garlic mustard...what is it?


Sun Runner said...

That looks like catnip...already in flower! Give it a sniff, you'll be able to tell. Or your cats will (if you have any). I have catnip everywhere in my yard. It's quite prolific.

Whatifer said...

It's choking out the garlic mustard? Holy Cow! Let us know when you DO find out what it is!!

TennZen said...

I have a positive ID for your weed!

Say hello to Lamium purpureum, otherwise known as Purple Dead Nettle.

It's called "Dead Nettle" because it doesn't sting like stinging nettle. It's actually a European native plant that has naturalized here in the U.S.

It was once believed by some old wives to be a plague of the fields sent to punish the unrighteous.

Believe it or not, it's edible (both as a cook green like turnips and as a salad green) and has some really good medicinal properties, if you care to harvest it.

Here's a website with more info about dead nettle:

- Leia (TennZen)

Shelly:) said...

I can't tell by the picture, but I believe that is creeping charlie. I don't know the proper name for it. It has small purple flowers this time of year, and it is very 'viney'. It also goes everywhere and is virtually impossile to kill.