Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shrimp and Tomatoes

I am guilty of buying shrimp from Thailand. I never can remember whether I should be buying farmed or wild shrimp. I wanted to buy U.S. shrimp, but there wasn't any at the's why. None percent of shrimp sold in the U.S. that comes largely from Southeast Asia and Latin America, where environmental regulations are sometimes lax and often not enforced, and 33%
of U.S. shrimp imports that come from Thailand, our largest single supplier.

Mr. MomsKitchen got me an Earth Box for Mother's Day, and so we planted tomatoes. I have not tried to grow tomatoes since one of the cherubs was in preschool and her tomato she grew got eaten by some kind of critter and she cried, so I figured it wasn't worth it, but why not give it a shot? I planted Mr. Stripey and Sugar Lump. I bought them solely for their names. As it turns out, Mr. Stripey is a big tomato with orange and red stripes and Sugar Lump is a cherry tomato. My friend Johnna is from Kentucky, and she always called cherry tomatoes "Tommy Toes". I like that name. We'll see how this goes - we parked the Earth Box on the front porch to keep it away from the rabbits, chipmunk, deer, whatever that likes tomatoes. If it works, I'll try more Earth Boxes.

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stephaniepdx said...

I have been looking into the Earthbox and was curious if you liked it or not? Also is it that much better than a similar shaped planter for under $10 at a home garden store?