Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thrifty Saturday: Local Coupons

Times are tough here in Michigan, and saving money is back in style around here. Here's some local coupons I might use this weekend.

$5 off $50 at Morgan & York I wish I could use it on wine, but there's plenty of other things I like to buy there, like Calder Dairy ice cream, cheese and coffee.

Get 2 knives sharpened for free at Downtown Home and Garden I sharpen my own knives but it is always nice to get them professionally done once a year. Now is a good time, because of the holidays.

Get a $25 gift certificate for only $3 for Silvio's, the Earle, Damon's, Senor Lopez, Terry B's (in Dexter) Aubree's (in Ypsi). There's other choices, but these are the only ones I might order. You'll need to buy your gift certificates by Nov. 17 and use the coupon code DESSERT to get this price, but I have used these before and it works. Make sure to check out the details for the particular restaurant you are interested in - when the coupon can be used, etc.

$5 off $25 purchase at Dexter Pharmacy They have a nice selection of holiday items and greeting cards, plus they carry all sorts of various and sundry stuff for band students like valve oil and slide wax. My middle school daughter loves to shop for makeup there, too. Maybe I'll pick up some Christmas decorations.


Kim said...

What a great idea for a post. I love finding out about stuff like this. Isn't Midnite Madness and Buy Local week coming up too?


LutheranChik said...

I was just in Ann Arbor this week, en route from a pre-Christmas shopping trip to Cabela's with two elderly aunts-in-law in tow. Quite an adventure. (They ran circles around us.) No good sales at Whole Foods though. (Sheepish grin.)

One exercise in cheapo luxury we enjoy, though, is Whole Foods' "no commitment" tag ends of cheeses. Combined with our "no wine over $12" policy, we can put together quite a swanky wine-and-cheese supper for ourselves. And if we have tag ends left over from the Whole Foods tag ends (and any other dry bits of cheese in the fridge), we like to melt them in boxed mac-and-cheese, for a truly gourmet dining experience that can never be replicated in exactly the same way.

Shayne said...

darn and I could of used some sharpened knives. I guess I need to read the blogs in the morning