Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't buy bargain brand plastic wrap or aluminum foil

Life's too short for cheap aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Chintzy foil results in tears....always buy the heavy duty stuff...I prefer Reynolds Wrap. I also prefer Saran Wrap because it sticks to most everything and is thick. But the best reason to buy name brand wraps is the box locks.
See the tab on the end of the box? If you push it in, it will hold the roll in the box so it won't go flying out of the box when you try to pull it out. Check out your favorite brand and see if it has box locks before you buy it again.


TeacherPatti said...

Hey, thanks for the tip! I never realized that!!

And I agree--I buy Reynolds wrap as well. I tried to buy the environmentally correct kind and it just didn't work as well.

Laura said...

Only an engineer would have noticed the box locks in the first place! But I'm grateful for your analytical mind--I get to reap the benefits from it!