Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Note to self: items I buy that can support the school

Since I am a vocal opponent of school fundraisers and have convinced my PTO to partake in ones that build community or don't require spending money on things I don't need, it's my obligation to clip coupons for the products I buy. Our school collects Labels for Education, Box Tops for Education and Tyson A+. I don't think I buy a great deal of prepared foods, but there are some things I do buy. Here's a list of what I buy so I can remember what to clip - check on the links for items you buy and start clipping! I figure I am excused from having to buy gift wrap ever again....

Labels for Education:
Save just the UPC code for this stuff - we don't get money, just points
  • Campbell's soup
  • Swanson broth
  • Pepperidge Farm
  • Franco-American gravy

Box Tops for Education:

Save the coupon - each one is worth 10 cents

  • Betty Crocker or Pilsbury mixes or refrigerated/frozen dough
  • Cheerios
  • Cascadian Farms cereal
  • Old El Paso taco shells
  • Hefty trash bags
  • Hefty paper plates
  • Totino's pizza rolls
  • Chex snack mix
  • Fiber One bars
  • Zip-lock bags and containers
  • Saran Wrap

Tyson Foods - worth 24 cents

Cut on dotted line and include Tyson A+ label

Pretty much every chicken product they sell!

Who doesn't have to buy an occasional chicken nugget every once in a while? Or some Campbell's soup? Or pizza rolls for slumber parties? I guess I buy prepared food more often than I realize.

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