Friday, November 14, 2008

5 stupid things I do in the kitchen

I was tagged by Kate at 4 Obsessions which is a fantastic Ann Arbor blog I read whenever Kate writes something. I love her taste in cooking and reading, and I sure wish I could knit as well as she does. I currently can only knit scarves. It's because I have the attention span of a gnat. However, I have found that knitting stops me from talking too much and compulsively volunteering for things during boring meetings, so I may need to do more of it! Anyway, Kate would like for me to write about 5 stupid things I do in the kitchen...can I limit it to 5? There's lots I could write about, but here I go:

1) I buy fruit and then let it rot in the fruit bowl. Today, I found 2 rotten apples and a tomato that had turned to soup in the bottom. Yuck!

2) I have two drawers full of food storage bowls, none of which I can find the lids for...but I can't bear to throw any out because they are still "good".

3) I have no idea what's in the back of my kitchen freezer. I really should clean it out and organize it.

4) On top of my fridge is jammed a million Campbell's soup labels and Box Tops for Education. I've been collecting them since my eldest started kindergarten; she is now in middle school. Sometimes, when I slam the fridge door, soup labels fall on the floor like snowflakes.

5) I bought a bottle of Frangelico last year, thinking it would taste good in apple cider. It doesn't, but I forgot I already tried this and bought another and rediscovered the same thing. Anyone have a good recipe that uses Frangelico? I've got lots to use up!

Let's see, who to tag?

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Maggie said...

Thanks for the tag! I added it to some others I needed to do and posted today.
My post

Maggie said...

And I do your #5 all the time. I always buy booze forget about it and then buy a second bottle. For rare drinkers we have an overstocked liquor cabinet.

Kate said...

Heh heh heh--I'm starting to feel better already! Love #4.

For the Frangelico, I had a friend who used to drink Frangelico and soda on the rocks in the summer. It was surprisingly refreshing (of course summer is a looooong way away...) Otherwise the only thing I've done with the stuff is use it in baked goods/desserts/hot chocolate.

Shayne said...

your know those labels only work if you turn them in

TennZen said...

Thank you for the tag - this one is fun!

That is funny about the soup labels. I used to save the Box Tops for Education until I sent a whole mess of them to school with my son and found out that instead of turning them in, he just threw them away.

Sandy said...

If I close my eyes when reading stupid things #1 - #3, I almost feel like I am living back at home. Lets just say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree - although I don't think Mom realizes these are faults and not normal. Last night when we were there for dinner, Karen was looking for a matching lid to put some leftovers away and we referred to the "I can't believe it's not butter tub" as "Grandma's Tupperware"