Saturday, March 07, 2009

Reheating my blog's leftovers

In my quest to blog about vegetarian recipes for the 40 days of Lent, I was pondering whether I should repost great vegetarian recipes that I already have on my blog. Coincidentally, Ed Vielmetti recently posted that it was okay to repost your best content - to quote him "repetition is the soul of the net". Is it really a coincidence that Ed posted this, or as we Catholics like to think, the Holy Spirit at work? Since it's Lent, I'll assume the latter.

Who is Ed Vielmetti? It's hard to explain, but I guess the best way to describe him is the king of social networking. If you played the 6 degrees of separation game in Ann Arbor, Ed Vielmetti would be your Kevin Bacon. Everyone in this town has some kind of connection to the man. I know Ed Vielmetti, but I don't actually "know" Ed Vielmetti. I've never met him personally, but I know he is from the U.P., is a parent, cooks vegetarian, likes blueberries, is a fan of the Trenary Outhouse races, eats bi bim bap often, and is really interested in the Ann Arbor Public Library. I don't think he's religious, so maybe he might be surprised to see that I've suggested that his recent blog post might be the work of God. I think his wife is Jewish, though, because he once posted a great recipe for his wife's latkes. His blog, which is called "Vacuum" is a wealth of information about blogging. I don't know what his day job is, but it is something in the IT industry. So, if you want to learn more about blogging, check out Vacuum's blogger's secret posts. And this weekend, I will review some of my favorite vegetarian recipes again here - because it's okay to reheat your blog leftovers....

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