Monday, April 24, 2017

Yellow Owl Workshop's Make It Yours

My New Year's resolution for 2017 was to make a craft every month.   I've been having some decent success with my much so that I started an Etsy store to sell my work...

I also have reviewed cookbooks for an outfit called "Blogging for Books", and when they asked me to review a craft book, I jumped at the chance.   They provided me a copy of one of the latest books:

It is written by an artist named Christine Schmidt who is the founder of a California based paper goods company known for its "sophisticated and playful aesthetic" (or so says the jacket cover).   Upon receiving the book, I can see what they meant by "playful aesthetic" because most the stamp and stencil projects all look like something a kid would make.   Try as I might, I didn't find much to inspire me.   Maybe it will inspire you?   So, the end result it is is not really my thing, but it does describe the stamping and stenciling techniques well, which I hope to apply to projects that actually match my aesthetic, whatever that might be...perhaps it is best described as "vintage geek"?

Bottom line: Solid techniques, not really my style  

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