Saturday, May 25, 2013

Canning success stories

May is always a good time to take stock of the pantry, and figure out what worked and what didn't from last year's canning exploits.    Based on consumption, here is what definitely worked for us:

Corn relish - I've only got one 8 oz. jar left.   I took it to work all winter for my lunch.

Woodchick's BBQ sauce - we're all out

Mustard Beans - it's like a salad in a good!  One jar left.

Pickled Brussels Sprouts - I won an honorable mention at the Downtown Home and Garden pickle contest with this recipe.   It's great!  I didn't make any last fall....bummer.

Strawberry Jam with natural pectin - I can never make enough.  I made some with boxed pectin last year for a demo and it totally sucked compared to this recipe.  As soon as strawberries are in, I will make more

Salsa #5  We were totally out in February.   I should quit my day job and do nothing else but can this salsa in August

Peaches - canned these with my friend Lisa this year; we need to do it every year.   One jar left!

Pickles - only a couple jars left, and I made a TON last year/   Saving the last to make fried dill pickles as soon as my son catches a mess of fish for a big pan fish fry.

Not so much....

PGT  and pickled beets - I still have a couple jars left.  I'm their only eater.


TeacherPatti said...

I'm canning this year, dammit! I really have no excuse since I'll be off work in August. Speaking of which, that stoopid Animal, Vegetable, Miracle book bugged the shit out of me for many, many reasons not the least of which is that the broad worked at home and had all the freaking time in the world to do her "eat local" stuff (not to mention all the money). This year, I will have all the time in August but I promise not to write a smug book about it :)

Cynthia said...

Maybe I will write a non smug book about canning some day....

Tracy Wood said...

I clicked on your recipe for pickled beans.... I am doing that for sure this summer. It has been ages since I canned anything! I guess you inspired me!

Kalamity Kelli said...

I just got a brand new pressure canner so this year I'll be doing double time on the canning, especially salsa and spaghetti sauce.

Jo said...

Cynthia if you promise to write a non smug book about canning I promise to buy it :).