Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge Rosemary Round Up

I wasn't quite sure who would find my Spice Rack Challenge and sign up....imagine my surprise when I ended up with 35 blogs signed up for the first month.  Did you ever notice that cookbooks are never indexed by herbs and spices?  I think that's too bad.   When I am done with my challenge, I am hoping to have a list by herb or spice of specific recipes.  This month's challenge was rosemary....and I am sure impressed with the recipes I have gotten in response.


Garlic Rosemary Goat Cheese thinking out loud 
I've had this recipe before - it's a winner!  Almost posted it myself.  Great for a party.

Maple Walnuts with Rosemary and Orange  artic garden studio.
Our friend in Anchorage reminds us that rosemary and orange are recommended aromatherapy for seasonal affective disorder.   It's currently a balmy 4 F in Ann Arbor....I think I need some kind of therapy, stat!

Gussied Up Olives knit and nosh
 We are jealous that you can open up a window and snip some rosemary.   (see view below) Wish we lived closer so we could sample some more of your party faves!

Rosemary Walnuts  a million grandmas 
A great recipe from a great author, Laurie Colwin.  She died too young!

Rosemary Olive Foccacia oh briggsy
Love your canning scars in the picture! So glad you posted this recipe ....it looks like a real winner.   Plus you get bonus points for posting a song about rosemary...love does grow where my rosemary grows indeed!

Vegetarian Main Dishes/Side Dishes

Vegetable Stew with Rosemary and Garlic  nerd meets kitchen
Another fabulous option for wintry dinners.  I will make it on Fridays in Lent.  Love the new blog!

Beet Roesti with Rosemary backyard farms
What the world needs now is more beet recipes.  I can't wait to try this one!

Rosemary Fried Apples dog hill kitchen
It'd a good thing baby Penny is a good sleeper because we got two rosemary recipes out of her momma this month.    This one would be great with chicken or pork.   Don't forget her Creamless Celery Soup with Rosemary.   Even the celery haters love it!

Winter Salads with a Bunch of Crackers prospect:the pantry
A veritable plethora of rosemary recipes. Great way to satisfy winter cravings for something fresh.

Rosemary and Sun Dried Tomato Foccacia put a lid on it
How does a woman with a one month old baby find time to bake?  Check this out....looks wonderful!

Rosemary Tomato Cannelini Beans snowflake kitchen
This recipe is great for vegetarians or add some meat as suggested for carnivores. 

Baby Turnips with Garlic and Rosemary motherskitchen
Tasty and made in the microwave. So easy!

Meat and Poultry

Rosemary Chipotle Steak Sandwiches good food michigan.
Great dinner idea for the next time we need of something quick.  

Orange Rosemary Chicken jonski blogski  offers up a great way to use up past it's prime citrus you might have lurking around your fruitbowl.

Rosemary and Parmesan Pork Loin la germaine organisee 
Cheese and rosemary are a great combination.

Savory Lamb Stew una buona forchetta
Love reading your writing about cooking!  Glad to see you back at the console.

Pork Roast alpaca farm mom
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme...just like the song.  And the story of how we met.   You get bonus points for using "cacaphony" and the "V word" all in a food blogging post.  


Rosemary Scented Butter Cookies eating floyd
From chowhound maven Morwen  Sweet + savory + buttery = YUM

Naan  fruitcake or nuts
I love Marie Catrib's restaurant in Grand Rapids, too, and your rosemary naan looks delicious.  Can't wait to try it!

Rosemary Lemon Shortbread grow and resist
I can't decide if I like your recipes that work or don't work better.  You crack me up! Keep 'em coming

Rosemary Apple Tart - a million grandmas
Two recipes in one month?  You go, girl!

Rosemary Tea Bread  intellectual relish
A sweet savory combo that sounds delish.

Rosemary Pudding  just another day on the farm 
Inventive use for rosemary!  Can't wait to try it.

Rosemary Lemon Muffins notes from a country girl living in the city
A great multitasker...check out her pasta and and her marmalade from other ventures listed on the post.

Rosemary and Sea Salt Crackers chez hates
I think you're being too hard on yourself...homemade is always better than Costco.

Preserved Lemons with Rosemary tales from the house on the corner
Looks beautiful, but as you said, not a USDA canning safe recipe - store in the fridge instead to be completely food safe.

Check back here later this week to find out what the February challenge will be!


Nicole said...

What a great first round. Thanks so much for this round up. Love the commentary!

Dean said...

That's it! All these challenge entrees look so good, I have to go out and buy more rosemary tomorrow.

Thanks for putting this together, I'm looking forward to next months spice.


Daisy Driver said...

Great job, so many new things to try. I am glad I will have more time for the next one, I didn't find the challenge until less than a week before and a busy week at that. This one will be a breeze.