Saturday, March 20, 2010

Interesting recipes

Middle Eastern style lentil soup - when we subscribed to the analog version of, I often clipped out recipes featured by Marge Biancke in her "Kitchen Mailbox" column.  I'd paste them in a recipe book, and I also bought the Ann Arbor News  cookbook that featured her recipes.   I'm glad she is still at it at the dot com.

Homemade bread that doesn't require a bread machine or a cast iron dutch oven to cook - this recipe was in Martha Stewart Living and it actually worked!  I made the multigrain one.  Cross #20 off my list of 46 things I want to do in my 46th year.

Easy Homemade French Fries - I found this recipe on the NYT Bitten Blog....can't wait to try it!

Zingerman's Coleslaw - another recipe from Marge Biancke...thanks, Marge!

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