Sunday, February 07, 2010

46 things to do in my 46th year

I just celebrated a birthday, and I am making plans for celebrating my 46th year.  Suggestions came in from far and wide - mountain climbing, running a marathon, etc.   None of these are going to happen - I just had an ankle reconstruction a couple years ago and so mountain climbing and marathoning are out for now.   But I did get some suggestions I could use.  My friend Ann suggested I attempt some retro recipes.   One of my New Year's resolutions was to get more music in my life.   I would love to spend more time outdoors, and more time attempting some crafty things, even though I suck at crafts.   So, here's my list for my 46th year. 

  1. Celebrate the food of the 1960s!  Make a gelatin based dish that's not fruity....aspic or vegetable based.  (check out this Knox recipe booklet I picked up from a rummage sale)
  2. Learn how to play "The Entertainer" on the piano.   I have taken piano lessons on and off my whole life, but I have never played "The Entertainer".
  3. Hike the Potowatomi trail with friends, and have a picnic en route.
  4. Pickle brussel sprouts
  5. Swim in Lake Huron when we camp this summer at Harrisville State Park
  6. Learn how to play "The Shanty Song" by Jonathan Edwards on guitar by heart.  Memorize the lyrics.
  7. Inspired by that song, I guess I will buy a harmonica and learn how to play it.  Not sure that I can play it will playing the guitar, though.  Singing and playing guitar is hard enough.  
  8. Play guitar when I cantor at church for one Mass.
  9. Sew something.
  10. Find out more about the garrison that was in Dearborn.
  11. Make a pilgrimage to the Fr. Solanus Casey Center
  12. Attend a service at a monastery, such as the Dormition Monastery in Jackson.
  13. Visit Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton.
  14. Kayak the Huron River at night when there is a full moon with my friend Martha.
  15. Visit the Peach Mountain observatory
  16. Use my pressure canner to can soup
  17. Plant another rose bush
  18. Make a mosaic
  19. Make a hypertufa garden planter
  20. Try to bake bread again without using a dutch oven a la Mark Bittman - I just want to make it like old ladies do.
  21. Make a chronicling project a la Darcy Miller Nussbaum.  "Chronicling" sounds way more cool than scrapbooking.  Of course, if I hung out with Kate Spade and Martha Stewart, I'd be more cool, too.
  22. Make one recipe out of the Moosewood cookbook to celebrate the 1980s
  23. Another gem from the 1960s....make a hamburger recipe from 365 Hamburger Recipes
  24. Try caviar
  25. Visit Parker Mill Park
  26. Visit the Waterloo Farm Museum
  27. Visit Savannah, Georgia.  This is something I've wanted to do since I was a Brownie Girl Scout as a kid, and read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil as an adult.
  28. Play one song on my cigar box ukulele.  I forgot how to tune it, let alone play it.
  29. Complete Tigress's Can Jam by canning one item a month for 12 months straight.
  30. Continue being a canning exhibitionist by demonstrating canning at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market.
  31. Attend the Local Food Summit and speak out on the importance of making sure local food is available for all, not just the rich.  
  32. Make at least one recipe from Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping.
  33. Crochet a rag rug out of old jeans.
  34. Finish reading the Seven Storey Mountain
  35. Swim 200 yards freestyle.  In HS, my event was the 500 free, but I don't think I could make it that far
  36. Visit my friend Sheri from high school.
  37. Make crumb cake.  Need to find a recipe first.
  38. Master making gelato at home
  39. Visit the Howell Farmer's Market
  40. Visit the Ypsi Farmer's Market
  41. Visit the Tecumseh Farmer's Market.
  42. Wintersow some herbs
  43. Have a sunset picnic with our neighbors
  44. Have a bonfire party in the back yard
  45. Make my hammock garden in the woods
  46. Go on one 10 mile hike somewhere this year.


Anonymous said...

I can help with some of this, if you want. I think I've told you about my friend who leads long walks/hikes and my Volkssporting group? Also, I have the Betty Crocker 1960 cookbook that f'in rocks! I'd also like to go to some of the farmers markets with you!

Whatifer said...

Your list looks FANTASTIC!! and it touches on so many different genres. LOVE IT!! You;ll have to keep us all posted on your progress!! Much Love!!

Buttercup said...

How about the I Hate to Cook Book (Peg Bracken, 1960) It is from before fast food was invented and women simply had to get food on the table 3 times a day. Heavy on canned soups and other canned goods, but many recipes amazingly tasty and all simple.

Cook bread the way the old ladies do??? So you've seen my loaf pans?

Kate said...

Love this! You've inspired me to come up with my own 41 things by June!

Tricia said...

You said exhibitionist - tee hee! :^) And being a canning exhibitionist makes you pretty cool, without need of Kate Spade or Martha Stewart.

By the way, #2 made me laugh. When my sister was in high school (I was 6 grades behind her), she had to play The Entertainer in marching band and *hated it*. I was given the sheet music by my piano teacher. Guess which song I practiced *all the time*? It's the only song I can play to this day! Well, I can't play the entire thing, just the first few measures, but I have my sister (or her band director!) to thank for that. :^)