Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dinner in Hell

....Michigan, that is. October at our house wouldn't be the same without a color tour/dinner at the Dam Site Inn in Hell, MI, one of our favorites. Yes, it is a biker bar and yes, if you have a Harley you'll fit right in, but we drive our car there ever year with pride. And we bring the kids, too, because they really like the Ice Scream Parlor over the Hell Creek bridge next door. You can't beat the Halloween decorations at the Dam Site Inn, and the food is pretty (damn) good, too. Just plan on eating your food while smoking a few cigarettes vicariously from your neighboring diners. I'm not brave enough to ask if there is a non smoking section, and I am not sure if it would matter because most of the patrons smoke quite a bit. Despite that, the food is pretty good and the drive there is wonderful. BYOA (bring your own albuterol)....

Our Harley Davidson tube top clad waitress was really sweet to the kids. The food runs through the standard bar fare, plus they offer some homey favorites like pasties and hot beef sandwiches. I ordered the Dam Site Inn Burger. I'd recommend the place to anyone that wouldn't be uncomfortable in such an environment. There's plenty of good natured bikers - last time we were there, our daughter was in awe by the large group of self described "dyke bikers". that were there. How often do you see a large group of women actually piloting some awesome bikes?

For dessert, I recommend walking over the Hell Creek bridge to the Ice Scream Parlor next door. Besides having all sorts of great Halloween decorations, you can make an ice cream sundae with some creepy sounding, but yummy toppings. Plus, for Halloween lovers everywhere, they have some terrific Halloween village displays (and product to sell) by Dept. 56. All and all, it's a great fall color drive to Hell - the trees form a canopy over Darwin Rd., and it is worth the trip. I don't think I've seen more beautiful fall colors in the 17 years I've lived in Ann Arbor as this year. Go to Hell, I say!


Shayne said...

hell yeah!

I love the do not pass sign just under the Hell sign

Anonymous said...

Remember when we went to Hell, gosh how many years ago now? That was my first time in Hell and then the next time I went ironically we got our Christmas tree there.