Monday, October 20, 2008

7 random facts about me

TennZen has tagged me - actually, she tagged anyone that reads her blog and I do read it and like it so I consider myself tagged.
Here's my 7 - I'll keep them food related (but my tagged people don't have to):
  1. I don't like mayonnaise.
  2. I love to make homemade candy - I'm looking forward to spending time this winter doing just that - as soon as canning season is over.
  3. I'm not great at baking, but I am good at making all kinds of pie. Ever since I was a kid, I have made great pies.
  4. The one dessert I can't turn down is cannoli. I'm not Italian - I can't explain it - but if I am faced with cannoli I must eat it.
  5. Parsnips are my secret addition to most roasts and stews. They have a wonderful flavor - sort of like parsley.
  6. I have yet to find the ultimate meatloaf recipe. Please send me a good one if you have it.
  7. The trick to great guacamole is kosher salt - make sure to taste it and add enough. Guacamole without enough salt tastes terrible.

Here's how I am going to tag:

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TennZen said...

Okay, you have convinced me to give it a try... those parsnips. Thanks for the inspiration - you're the first person who has ever talked about cooking with them. I have planned a stew for this week and I believe I'll add some parsnips to it, for the adventure!

(And thanks for playing tag!)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

You scare me - canning and candy-making, my two bugaboos in cooking. It was fun to see your list!

TeacherPatti said...

Okay, I will blog right now :) (Couldn't do it from school because $#*&R% DPS blocks Live Journal. Not Blogger, not Blogspot, just LJ)

Btw, I opened a can of applesauce that I canned last year. It had mold on it! :( Obviously, I threw it away, but what did I do wrong? I swear the lid "THONKED" and was sealed!

Maggie said...

I am SO ready for canning season to be over and Christmas candy making to start. I love the magic of cooking sugar!

I hated mayo as a kid and called it "white death" which was from a comic at the time. Now I love it especially the homemade stuff.

Kim said...

Eeek - I never know how to respond to these tag things! I am thinking about it though.

I have to agree that your home canning is especially inspiring! Have you ever made mincemeat? My great-grandparents used to make it and the season has been making me think about it.