Sunday, December 04, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge November Round Up: Cinnamon

This year's spice rack challenge is almost complete.  We started out 2011 a few participants, but blogging continuously is difficult, and the discipline of writing monthly about a specific subject even more so.   Reading through the list of the original participants, I can see that many have stopped blogging all together.   Blogging regularly is difficult!  Personally, I found the Spice Rack Challenge difficult as well, but very fun and I enjoyed running it.   I am hoping that it can continue in 2012, but I have to hand off hosting it to someone else.   If you are interested in hosting, won't you let me know? 

The November challenge was cinnamon, a spice I know everyone has it their rack.   It's the quintessential holiday spice, so I was hoping by picking it, we'd see a few more participants this month.   Here is what transpired:

jonski blogski

Thanks for letting us know about the existing of cinnamon M&Ms.  I agree they should be avoided due to their potential addictive qualities!  Your recipes for Mayan chex mix and Middle Eastern inspired clay pot chicken could also be addictive.

tracy's living cookbook

Moosewood mushroom moussaka is a great option for cinnamon.  And I'd love to see a Moosewood cookbook challenge next should do it!  I am partial to the original Mollie Katz book, not the ones that came after she left the Moosewood collective.  Have you been to the restaurant in Ithaca, NY?  I have - it's great and just across the hall from a great vintage guitar store and other eclectic shopping opportunities.

prospect: the pantry

I like the combination of garlic and cinnamon in your garnet yams recipe and cinnamon pickled grapes sound wonderful for the holidays.   Hope it's not too late to start some!

una buona forchetta

Glad to see my BFF (Best Friday Friend - she and I meet for breakfast every Friday here) Sarah's back posting with her sauteed butternut squash with cinnamon

mothers kitchen

My post for this month is apple pie, made with a vodka pie crust. 

We're in our last month of the challenge, and it is December, the month of wintry repasts.   To me, nothing tastes more like the holiday than sage, which is our last challenge of 2011.   Please label your post with the words "Spice Rack Challenge: Sage" so I don't miss you.   Happy holidays!

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Tracy's Living Cookbook said...

I am looking forward to our last month of the Spice Rack Challenge. Sage will be a real challenge for me - I have NEVER used it in any of my cooking. Weird, eh? Thank you for hosting the challenge; hopefully someone will offer to host another one in 2012.