Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Canning 2021: life during construction

We moved to the Keweenaw in March and most of my stuff was in a storage unit in preparation for our construction project.  I had no kitchen for most of the summer, so we cooked on our back deck on my propane canning stove or on the grill.   We also canned, so I am counting my pantry as my mason jar themed project.   Definitely UP themed....the green pickles were made from dill, cukes and peppers sourced from North Harvest CSA farm in Calumet, the lighter colored pickles were made from a cuke called "Salt and Pepper" from Minnie Farms (I'm not sure where they are located but were regular fixtures at the Calumet Farmer's Market) and the salsa made from tomatoes and jalapenos from Whispering Wild farm in Toivola.   Peaches were hard to come by locally, so I had the produce manager at the Keweenaw Co-op order me a half bushel from Traverse City.   One of the great benefits of being a co-op owner is you can buy things in bulk at 20% over wholesale.   It was a bad year for thimbleberries as we got no rain.   I never got around to making any Chassell strawberry jam with the berries I got.    

not much of a pantry!

I'm looking forward to more canning projects next year.    I probably should have made more salsa, from the looks of it.   Happy canning!