Cookbook Club

We have a cookbook club!  If you live near Ann Arbor, you are welcome to join us. Every other month we vote on a cookbook and we all cook from it, and meet for a potluck.  (or virtually post about it on facebook.  Join us here:

Here are our general guidelines:

i) we'll try to meet every other month:  February, April. a summer month TVD, October, December,
ii) we will get a volunteer host for a potluck
iii) the host and facilitator will select 3 times to meet and we'll vote on a doodle poll on the date.
iv) the entire membership of this list can vote on the cookbook for the event; that way folks that aren't able to make it or live too far away can still participate by reading the book and making recipes at home and sharing photos
v) Each person that attends needs to bring a dish to pass; you can invite your friends/spouses/partners but they will need to bring a dish to pass too.
vi) A minimum of 6 people needs to be able to attend the event. If you vote on a date in the doodle poll, you are committing to attend on that date.
vii) Of course, things can happen that make your plans change; but that should be rare. Let your facilitator know.
iix) unless otherwise noted, each attendee needs to bring his/her own place setting so the host doesn't have to do dishes
ix) stove space is likely to be limited, so select recipes that travel well that don't require reheating or bring a crock pot.
x) selected cookbooks need to be easily available to check out at the library; no obscure titles please.

Here's a list of books recommended so far by the club:

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