Friday, December 23, 2011

Dark Days Challenge Week 5: Work Lunch

This last work week of the year has been a busy one for me.  I made a turkey breast from Peacock Farm (60 miles) that I bought when it was on sale right after Thanksgiving and I put it in my deep freeze for future use.  We had the turkey for Sunday dinner - the leftovers became my turkey sandwich served on Farnsworth Farms bread from Avalon International Breads - a great bakery in "some say Midtown, we call it Cass Corridor" Detroit. (46 miles).   I opened my last jar of cranberry mustard that I put up last December as my last entry of Tigress' great Can Jam 2010.   My lunchtime sides were my own McClure's style pickles that I put up last summer during a daylong power outage from cukes I got from my friend Ann Ruhlig's farm in Dexter (5 miles) and peaches my friend Ellen and I put up one hot Friday night after work.   The peaches came from Wolfe Farm in Tipton (38 miles).     It was a great lunch for a busy week!  
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Tricia said...

a power outage from cukes? i've heard anecdotes of outages caused by squirrels, but never cukes. Maybe if the vines grew up high and wrapped around the power line or the transformer, and were loaded with fruit, and then a high wind came up... I can see it now!


Lynda said...

I've never heard of cranberry mustard...sounds wonderful!