Sunday, October 20, 2019

Pickled Cauliflower

How did September fly by without a single blog post from me?   Too much business travel, that is why!  I am glad to be home.   Back in September, I taught a canning class for the Ann Arbor District Library, and only 2 people came.   I am wondering if the canning fad has officially ended?   I made this pickled cauliflower, which is an excellent side dish for a work sack lunch or a picnic.   I love making pickles that can stand in for a salad.    We made this recipe from the Penn State Extension Service  but I subbed in hot peppers for the mild ones.   It came out quite good!  I entered it into the Downtown Home and Garden pickle contest, but once again, the 1st place winner wasn't really a preserved pickle.   It was some cucumbers marinated in lemon juice in a jar.   I finally broke down and wrote them a message about having a separate category for those kind of pickles.   After all, you don't need to buy a case of canning jars if you are making a refrigerator pickle like that, or freezer jam.    Anyway, if you want to make a *real pickle* try the Penn State recipe!  It's great....I've also made it with brussel sprouts before.   Delicious!

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