Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Canning at the Chelsea Fair

I have never entered anything in a canning contest at a fair, but I decided this year I would give it a try at the Chelsea Fair.    It is held each August in the next town over, Chelsea.  Here's how I did:

First place
Corn Relish (I was the only entrant!)

Second Place
Salsa #5 - very proud of this as there were 9 entries
Bruschetta in a Jar 
Pickled Cauliflower   from Linda Ziedrich's Joy of Pickling, one of my favorite canning books
Mustard Beans
Stewed Rhubarb

Third Place
Rhubarb Jam - this recipe without the Earl Grey tea

Fourth Place
Pickled Asparagus  from the University of Georgia's Center for Home Food Preservation.   One day I will visit that place in person!  I often find myself in Athens, GA for work.

I was surprised that pickled asparagus came in 4th, I thought it looked the best.   This type of canning contest is really a beauty contest, they don't taste the entrants.    When we used to have the Classic Michigan State Fair (RIP), they tasted them.    Probably a better way to do it!


Patricia Deldin said...

what do you mean they don't taste them... how do the judge them?

Poppy said...

I, too, miss the Michigan State Fair very much.
I used to enter the baking contests, and proudly display my ribbons--some blue, some red! :)
It's hard to believe they shut it down. I think we're the only state without a fair. (There is a revived sort of State Fair in Novi but it's a sad shadow of what it was. Most of it is indoors, even the animals!)
I enjoy your food blog very much.