Sunday, June 04, 2017

Upper Peninsula Books

Here's a list of books about the Upper Peninsula or set in the UP.   I haven't read all of these, but I compiled them from our MTU Parents facebook group suggestions
Gertie Johnson Mystery Book Series by Deb Baker is set in Escanaba...."laugh out loud funny"
Gathering Prey by John Sanford.  This book in the thriller series is set in the UP
The Sweater Letter by Dave Distal.  True crime book set in the UP.
The Worth Series by Mara Jacobs.  Romances set in the Keweenaw.  You'll immediately recognize the setting....The Ambassador is called the "Commodore" for example
Joseph Heywood Woods Cop series mysteries about a conservation officer Grady Service set in the UP.  Also Red Jacket, a historical thriller set in the Keweenaw
Wolf's Mouth by John Smolens a thrilling story of good versus evil: part Upper Peninsula woods adventure, part rags-to-riches tale, part love story.
Y is For Yooper by Scott Reddinger.   An ABC book for people of all ages
South of Superior by Ellen Airgood.  Heartwarming novel set in Grand Marais
The Way North:  Collected Upper Peninsula New Works edited by Ron Riekki. Poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from memorable, varied voices that are writing from and about Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Also check out Here: Women's Writing on the Upper Peninsula.
Anatomy of Murder  by Robert Traver.   This courtroom drama set near Marquette was made into a movie starring James Stewart.   Traver was the pen name of John D. Voelker, a Michigan Supreme Court Justice.  He wrote many books under that name, often about courtroom dramas, or fly fishing, or both! Check out Trout Madness
Many books by arguably Michigan's most famous author, Jim Harrison are set in the UP.   He lived near Grand Marais for many years before moving to Montana.   Check out his novella series Brown Dog
Death at the Lighthouse: A Grand Island Riddle by Loren Graham.  True crime story set in the UP.   Also check out his book A Face in the Rock: The Tale of the Grand Island Chippewa
MTU Grad Tom Maringer wrote A Superior State of Affairs, a futuristic state of affairs that is set in Houghton/Hancock area. 
Misery Bay by Steve Hamilton part of the Alex McNight series is a thriller set in the Keweenaw and features MTU students as characters.
The Birchbark House by Louise Erdich is a historical children's book set in the UP about life as a Native American
Snow Country by Kristin Neva.   A Christian romance set in Copper Island (aka the part of the Keweenaw north of the lift bridge)
Wall of Silver by Richard Kellogg.  Suspense treasure hunting story set in the Keweenaw
Sweet Girl by Travis Mulhauser is a novel set in the UP, one of Michigan's Notable books of 2017
Nevada Barr's Superior Death and Winter Study part of the Anna Pigeon series of mystery thrillers.
Nonfiction books about the Keweenaw's mining history by MTU professor Larry Lankton 
So Cold a Sky: Upper Peninsula Weather Stories by meteorologist Karl Bohnak, Check out the chapter on MTU alumni's favorite weather story about Thanksgiving Drive '85
My Brother's Mountain by John Timmerman,  Middle school level historical fiction novel about the C&H strike in Calumet 
Rock Down, Coal Up by Chuck Pomazai. History of the Quincy and Torch Lake railroad
Boom Copper by Angus Murdoch. Vintage classic book about Keweenaw Copper Mining
Mine Towns by MTU professor Alison Hoagland about the area's copper mining towns
Any of the books about the UP by local writer Lon Emerick
Is This an Agate? by Susan Robinson.   A must for Lake Superior rock hounds
Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Copper Harbor  coffee table books featuring beautiful photography by Steve Brimm
Yankee Yooper on the Keweenaw by Phillip J Howard Enjoy the adventures of a surgeon working and exploring the land around the lake, the Keweenaw, the Copper Country history, the Okibwa and Chippewa Indians, and more.

Michigan's Columbus by Steve Lehto.   Biography of Douglass Houghton

   Time By Moments Steals Away by Robert Root. 1848 jounral of Rugh Douglas, who lived on Isle Royale

   Diaries of an Isle Royale Fisherman by Elling Heglem Journal written about his live in the 1910s on Isle Royale.

   Naked in the Stream: Isle Royale Stories by Vic Foerster.  After thirty years worth of visits to Isle Royale National Park, Foerster records his experiences in this narrative. Funny and poignant, riveting and heart thumping, these true stories entertain and inform the reader

  The Wolves of Isle Royale: A Broken Balance by Rolf Peterson Fascinating first-hand account of the relationship that exists between the wolf and the moose on the island.

  A View from Wolf's Eye by Carolyn Peterson Her reflections of spending 30+ summers on the island. 

  Spaghetti on Mondays by Tom Flaminio (MTU grad), about their family of 10 kids growing up in Iron Mountain.

  Copper Country Journal: The Diary of Schoolmaster Henry Hobart, 1863-1864 Read about some of the people buried in the old hidden Cliff Mine cemetery and then walk out in the woods and find the specific grave. Really makes the history feel real.

  Local history booklets by Clarence Monette

  The Page One mystery series by Nancy Barr are set in the western UP

   Drummond Girls by Mardi Link, a notable Michigan author.   This memoir is about the exploits of her BFFs on the island.

    Dandelion Cottage by Carol Rankin.  First published in 1904 children's novel. She first wrote the story for her own children, based in Marquette

   Lake Superior Journal by Jim Marshall  Essays about the Big Lake

   Island Life: An Isle Royale Nature Guide by Ted Gostomski and Janet Marr

   Strangers and Sojourners: A History of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula by Arthur W. Thurner

   Lake Superior Profiles : People on the Big Lake by John Gagnon


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William Pekuri said...

The North Woods Reader Series by Cully Gage. I don't know if they are in print anymore. Bought my first one at MTU and recognized they were about my Dad's home area.