Sunday, March 12, 2017

Road Food

I've always loved Road Food, the media shared by Jane and Michael Stern.  The Sterns, who had no formal training in cuisine or journalism, met at Yale University in 1968, married in 1970, and graduated in 1971, after which they left academia to explore the USA. At first, their focus was on popular culture in general, but after traveling around the country for a few years, they realized they had been keeping an informal diary of unknown and unique places to eat: inconspicuous restaurants that were, at the time, of no interest to the food-writing establishment. After three years of travel in a beat-up Volkswagen Beetle, staying at seedy motels, and occasionally sleeping in the back seat of the car, they drafted the manuscript of Roadfood, a guide to restaurants that were neither fast food nor gourmet dining, but were an expression of local foodways.  And I've enjoyed what they have shared ever since.   So when the good people of of Blogging for Books asked me to review their latest venture of Roadfood, their 10th edition.    I am looking forward to trying their recommendations in Kentucky and Georgia, where I spend most of my time when I am not in Michigan.   I'll let you know what I find out!

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