Saturday, February 27, 2016

Green Chili Adobo

Last night, we had our second gathering of our cookbook club, and we made recipes from Rick Bayless' cookbook "More Mexican Everyday"....

I had to admit I wasn't very excited about this cookbook because I didn't think Mexican food was anything special, but I've enjoyed watching his show on PBS and I think his Frontera brand salsas  are the best jarred salsa you can buy at the grocery store, so I got the book out of the library.  It definitely left an impression on me.  I like his writing style; it's very casual to read and I enjoyed every recipe I made out of it.  I was curious especially about his rice cooker recipes.  I always thought a rice cooker would be a waste of space in the kitchen but I bought one at this book's urging, and I love it!   Cooks Illustrated recommended the Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker , and it really works well.  I love all the things I can make in it (not just rice) and also that I can use the delay timer to make rice to go along with a crock pot meal that's cooking all day while I'm at work.   For the potluck, I made one of the rice dishes (chipotle rice with shrimp) as well as green chili adobo.  It's like Mexican pesto and can keep in the fridge for months.  It tastes very "green" with a spicy kick at the end.   You can find the recipe on Rick's website.   This morning, I took his good advice and mixed some in my scrambled eggs.   Very good!  Tastes like spring!

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