Sunday, February 03, 2013

Ask Mom's Kitchen: Canning questions answered

Readers write, I respond....

I just found your site, and am wanting to can my grapefruit later this week. Can it be done without the syrup and cold packed? I don't want to add more sweet to my grapefuit. Thank you! Trish

Yes, grapefruit can be canned without syrup,  using just water.   Read all about it here in the University of Minnesota's Extension website.  Happy canning!

How long does it take for the fruit to thicken up enough when making Strawberry Spoon Fruit?  Kara

It will take about 45 minutes, depending on the pectin content of the strawberries you are using, Kara.  Strawberries can be unpredictable!  I wish I lived somewhere where strawberries are in season right now.   It's cold and snowy here today in the Mitten!

 I've been looking for ways to modify canning recipes. Is it safe to say that as long as the product is of the same consistency and below 4.6, it's ok for water bath canning? I have a sweet potato BBQ recipe that I really want to make for people for Christmas. Thanks Bethany

Sorry....A sweet potato BBQ sauce wouldn't likely have a pH of < 4.6. Also, I'd worry about the consistency. Did you know it's not safe to can pumpkin butter because it gets too thick? I've never seen a recipe to can anything but boiled potatoes and it is for pressure canning only.  So I'd stay away with anything that had sweet potatoes in it.  

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