Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vintage Art: Halloween Car

I got a copy of this postcard at Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village, which is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the holiday. 
From  the Henry Ford Arte House collection: A jack-o-lantern character drives a fanciful watermelon automobile with a witch and black cat as his passengers. A bat flies alongside and a crescent moon is in the sky. Postcard made by Raphael Tuck & Sons Post Cards, about 1907-1908. Postmarked Oct. 31, 1908, Nebraska. A book, print and holiday card publisher in London, England, Raphael Tuck & Sons printed as well as imported colorful chromolithographed postcards. In the 1890s they opened a New York City office and their postcards proved immensely popular with the American public through the 1910s.

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Kalamity Kelli said...

I love these too! have just a few...they are hard to find.