Sunday, November 06, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge October Round Up: Mace

dog hill kitchen

Maggie really went through a lot of effort for this month's post with her autumnberry ketchup.   One year, a friend and I made autumn olive (the more familiar name of autumnberry) jam and it takes a LOT of berries to yield the puree, since an autumn olive is mostly all pit.  Sounds great!

prospect: the pantry

Apple Mace Muffins sound great for a for a fall Sunday breakfast....wish I had more time this morning, I'd make them today.

tracy's living cookbook

Mace scalloped potatoes au gratin look like a great side dish for tonight's pork roast.  

mother's kitchen

This month, I made Madeira pound cake.  It would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving groaning board.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it's well into November and I haven't posted this month's challenge spice. Here it is...TA DAA....

Cinnamon!  I'd love to hear of your exploits with this most famous holiday spice.  And I hope to hear from some of our long lost bloggers this month.   Surely you've got cinnamon in your spice rack....please post by November 30 and include the words "Spice Rack Challenge" so I can find your post in my reader.  Happy cooking!


CallieK said...

Oh I'm intrigued by the autumnberry ketchup- I still have a container of puree that needs to be used up!

Maggie said...

You must have picked during a dry year or on a bad bush. The autumn olive berries here are usually pretty juicy, especially if you wait until after the first frost to pick them. I have a 20 bag on the front porch to process tomorrow. I need to find out what ph to check for and timing to boiling water process the ketchup. Any ideas how to find out that information?

Mom said...

I'd follow the same processing time for regular ketchup. I don't know what the pH is for autumn olives, but to be canning safe, your ketchup needs to be <4.6

Maggie said...

Thanks for the pH information!

Erica said...

Can anyone participate in the Spice Rack Challenge? It sounds fun.

Tricia said...

Autumn olive - is that the invasive shrub that drives the local NAP & HRWC and etc. folks crazy?

Tricia said...

P.S. the seasonal cinnamon M&Ms they are selling right now - yum!