Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge September: Mustard

For this month's challenge, I am offering an encore performance of a previously published recipe.   The fact is, deviled eggs are my potluck "go-to" dish.   Everyone loves them, and I always have the ingredients on hand. 

Deviled Eggs

7 eggs
2 T. yellow mustard
2 T. mayonnaise
paprika and capers for garnish

Check out my method for how to make easy to peel hard boiled eggs,

Slice the remaining eggs in half, and then remove the yolks and mash them in a bowl. Add the mustard and mayo - equal proportions are important. That is the key of a successful deviled egg. Stir up the mixture - it should be just moist enough to hold the yolk mash together - if you need more mayo/mustard, add it, but it should be equal proportions.

Spoon the yolk back into the whites. Sprinkle each with paprika and garnish with 3 capers. People love deviled eggs. I have a special Tupperware deviled egg tray I bought at a garage sale and it's the best thing I found to transport them to the party. I put them on a pretty plate when I get there.

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