Friday, July 01, 2011

Where can one drive with a Michigan Learner's Permit?

Ohio: Yes, you may operate a vehicle in the state of Ohio with a valid learner's permit, as long as there is a valid licensed driver, the age of 21 or over, in the front passenger seat.

Massachusetts: Not until age 16 1/2.  The law allows Massachusetts to accept a Learner's Permit from another state, if issued under a law similar to the Massachusetts Learner's Permit law.

New York: You cannot drive in NYS if you are under the age of 16. If you have a learner permit or a driver license from another state, you are not exempt from this rule.

Maine: A person with a valid learner's permit issued by his/her home state can legally drive in Maine provided that person is at least 16 years of age and adheres to all restrictions applied to the learner's permit issued by that person's state or province.

Other states?  Read more here.  Note that any of this information can change anytime, so your best bet is to start Googling.  But it seems most states expect you to be 16 - since one can be 14 years 9 months old in Michigan to get a a Level 1 driver's license, drivers in our state get more time behind the wheel than the other states, which start at age 16.    Level 1 means you need to drive with your parent or anyone else over the age of 21 that your parent approves. 

In Michigan, with a Level 2 License, one cannot drive with more than one passenger that is under 21 years of age, unless:
a. passengers are members of the driver's immediate family, or
b. travel is to or from school or a school-sanctioned event

There is a nighttime restriction has been extended to 10:00 p.m.until 5:00 a.m unless driving to or from emploment

For Level 3, you need to be at least 17 and spend 6 months at Level 2. 

Of course, one has to be violation free for all  of this to be true.  Sound complicated?  It is, but I am glad.  I really like Michigan's graduated drivers license process.  There's more time behind the wheel!

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