Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge March Round Up: Cardamom

A total of 20 of us turned out for cardamom this month, include a couple of cardamom newbies.  Check it out:

prospect: the pantry
Lovely sounding pear cardamom an equally lovely ice cream dish to go along with a pair of cardamom quick breads

snowflake kitchen
Sour cream cardamom apple cake that made me have to check out what canned shredded apples are....surprisingly, they are pretty much the same recipe as my spiced apple rings that I made last fall...except the apples are shredded.   It got me thinking that maybe swapping out the cloves in shredded apples or apple rings might be a very interesting canning experiment for next fall.

jonski blogski
What Tricia is going to make as soon as her kitchen is back together can be found here.  Please give us a status report on your kitchen and your cardamom and tell us how they both turned out....

oh, briggsy
How about a little coriander with your cardamom?  Check out the chicken buttermilk curry and learn about black vs. green cardamom to boot!

fruitcake or nuts
These cardamom gingersnaps sound fantastic....I love gingersnaps.  Can't wait to try them.

notes from a country girl living in the city
Who says procrastination doesn't lead to greatness?  Check out these cardamom rolls....and confidential to the Hippie:  "Googled" is a verb.

intellectual relish
Dean brings us a masala trio while warning us about white cardamom.  I've got a hankering for a chai just by reading about it.

dog hill kitchen
Another blogger trying out the black cardamom in Maggie's black cardamom cod

grow and resist
You call it cardamom purple rice pudding I call it pretty in pink, which reminds me of a song.  Taking a page out of briggsy's book, I gotta add some music to this blog post....

just another day on the farm
A cardamom virgin brings us some spectacular sounding cardamom cookies.

chez hates
I can see transforming this yummy sounding spicy Indian chicken curry into my latest pressure cooker creation.

thinking out loud
Another cardamom virgin tries it out in cold strawberry soup  which sounds interesting, but it wasn't a family favorite. Oh well, more for mom!

tales from the house on the corner
A cardamom infused self saucing orange cake is a terrific way to use up the last of the winter citrus

la germaine organisee
I'd love to try orange, cranberry and cardamom chicken - does anyone know what the U.S. equivalent of 'cooking cream' is?

put a lid on it
swedish cardamom breakfast bread - anything with a pound of butter has got to be good!

eating floyd
Two tries - a carrot halva and a chicken korma from an underused spice on her spice rack.  That's what the Spice Rack Challenge is all about!

tracy's living cookbook
From our newest contender and my sister Michigan homegirl comes the Moosewood's cardamom coffee cake.   If you start a Moosewood challenge, I am in - but I am a Moosewood purist and only own the original Mollie Katzen cookbook.

a million grandmas
A cardamom scented chicken with ginger and garlic is a great remedy for the other recipe that resulted in that "ugly brown pile"

mothers kitchen
I called it pulla, but you are right Nicole, the Yoopers call it "nisu", and I should  have called it as I knew it.  But both are the same name for Finnish cardamom bread.

arctic garden studio
Speaking of the Finlanders....Nicole's nisu is a lot more photogenic than mine!

That's all for this month....tune in Friday for April's challenge.


la germaine organisée said...

cookiing cream is a cream that will not "separate" when you cook it, heavy cream 35%, country 15%,here we aslo have 5%...does it help?

Tracy Wood said...

How much fun! I can't wait to read all the cardamom posts! Such variety!

Daisy Driver said...

Great round up - makes me glad I have Cardamom left.

CallieK said...

I missed out on doing a recipe this month- too much going on- but I will be back for dill!

Thanks for the roundup!

Tricia said...

I really should update at my blog, but I did end up trying the rice (a few days later) and the sweet potatoes (the next week). I didn't like the rosewater element in the rice very much, but we did finish it eventually. I loved the sweet potatoes (my husband was less enthusiastic), although I'm not sure I can detect the cardamom in them. I guess I need to make the tea to train my palate to recognize it! :^)

by the way, when the appraiser came on Tuesday, I had just reheated a lunch with both dishes. The first words out of her mouth: "something smells delicious!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mom. I realized my grammatical snafu when I reread my post this week. :)