Friday, July 23, 2010

Caught my eye recently

These recipes:
Mixed Vegetable Curry - this one looks like it might be good for when I have an abundance of cauliflower
Dorie Greenspan's Anniversary Cake - from the blog of a fellow can jammer...what she calls a buttercream is really a Swiss meringue frosting, a favorite of mine.     Nothing exotic....everything is pantry/fridge staples for me
Yolanda's Famous Chicken - another recipe for chicken breasts that don't require exotic ingredients.  Great for when I have thawed out chicken breasts and don't have a clue with what to do with them
Hardboiled Eggs Masala - I tasted this when Tammy made it for breakfast at Selma, which is an Ann Arbor breakfast salon that supports local farms

These books:
Urban Pantry by Amy Pennington - there are a treasure trove of books out right now aimed at "radical homemaking"...the thrifty, sustainable, DIY culture that is a bon afide trend. Sadly, when things become trendy, boatloads of crappy books get written.   This one is the's practical and loaded with some wonderful recipes and very practical ideas about living more simply.

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