Sunday, April 11, 2010

Breakfast sausage and egg sandwiches

My kids love a breakfast sandwich in the morning before school.   I buy high fiber English muffins, low fat cheddar, and farm fresh eggs. and I've been making my own breakfast sausage.   I cheat - I don't grind my own meat, instead I buy a pound of ground pork and mix it with a pound of ground white meat turkey to make it lower fat.  I like this Alton Brown recipe  for the spices.  Come Sunday night, I am too grumpy to mix up the spices every week, so here is the breakfast sausage spice mix I made up for the sausage spices.  I know that Alton says to use fresh herbs, but I used dried.  Here's my recipe:

1 lb. ground pork
1 lb. ground white meat turkey
4 T. breakfast sausage spice mix

Mix all ingredients together the night before - usually Sunday night for me.   Freeze half of the sausage to use next week.   On Monday morning, make 10 sausage patties and cook them all in a cast iron frying pan while drinking copious amounts of Roos Roast.   Reserve 2 patties, and put the others in the fridge to reheat for the rest of the week.  Toast 2 English muffins, top the bottom half them with a sausage patty and some cheddar.   

In the frying pan, fry two eggs to the cherubs' current egg preference (currently eggs over easy but this can and will change AT ANY TIME.  Do not expect to be warned!)  Top the sausage patty and cheese with the egg, and then top with the other half of muffin.  For the remaining days of the week, fry a couple bacon slices to render enough fat in the pan to fry the eggs, or use butter.   Heat the sausage patties made on Monday in the microwave.   Fry eggs as usual.   Repeat as necessary!  After the cherubs are done with their breakfast, sit at the kitchen table in your bathrobe and eat some toast and drink one more cup of Roos Roast.  

Contemplate the day while reading whatever it is you might be reading currently while you wait for your eldest to get out of the shower.  Yell about missing the bus to roust eldest cherub out of shower, and blow dry your own hair to drive her out of the bathroom.  Listen to shreiking while cherubs can't find jeans to wear/band instrument/missing math homework/backpack.  Threaten to have carpool partner have to drive cherubs to school and assess $10 school transport fee. 

Miraculously cherubs make the bus, use remaining 10 minutes to don engineering uniform (for women, currently it's Nine West pants in black, brown or gray, comfortable shoes, top that doesn't show too much cleavage) and don minimal amount of makeup - engineers never wear too much make up.  Survey hair grayness and determine whether you look 46 years old or not.  Decide not, pack your own backpack and meet your carpool partner to take part in yet another rousing day at the orifice. 

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Karen said...

I enjoyed this post :) I've been thinking I should document a day as you did... sounds like you've got it well under control, MK!