Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Your questions, answered....

Buttercup asked: "A great hint about the KitchenAid vegetable puree attachment. Did you purchase this separately and does it come with the food and meat grinder?"

Actually, I bought it as part of KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachment Pack. It's a great deal that way - you get lots of gadgetty goodness in that pack.

Jen asked: "How long will the kraut keep in the fridge? "

I think it will last there a long time. In the olden days, kraut was just kept in a cool root cellar.  I read somewhere that some folks say kraut takes 6 month to reach prime taste.

Lookinout said "I'd love to hear more about cellaring potatoes and pears. I doubt it is possible in my garage as it gets very cold, 20 - 30 degrees below freezing, however..."

Yikes!  That is cold.   Where do you live?  Even in Michigan, it doesn't get that cold in winter.  Yes, that would be too cold for potatoes and pears. My attached garage (up against the house wall) stays much warmer.

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lookinout said...

Yes, I didn't think clearly when I made my comment. Of course it's not -20 in the garage, though it can definitely get below freezing. And I'm thinking Celius not Fahrenheit. I guess the solution would be to keep potatoes in a cooler to insulate them against freezing, but keep them cold. Yet wouldn't they sprout or do something undesirable?