Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day to me

Memo to self on this Earth Day....I want to:

  • Make my own yogurt and creme fraiche now that I learned how. It's not rocket science.
  • Write about how I am doing with hanging out the laundry to dry - sneak preview: it's not worth doing from an environmental impact standpoint but it has other fringe benefits I hadn't expected.
  • Write about how my winter sowing is going - sneak preview: it's going great and I think it will be successful
  • Check out these 50 ways to eat green and see which ones make sense for me.
  • Read Russ Parson's "How to Pick a Peach" and then write about all the local food books I've read. Sneak preview: "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" isn't a favorite.


Anonymous said...

Unless you fuss at me, I am going to steal the idea and blog about the foodie books that I have read. You know that A, V, M isn't a favorite of mine either...I'm rather amicable in real life (I think) but I'm a tough sell when it comes to books.

And drat! I sloughed off on hanging out my laundry last week b/c I thought, "Well, MK isn't doing it...I won't either". Now I have no excuse :)

SlowRunner said...

I enjoyed A, V, M and passed it along to others. Perhaps exhaustive in detail at times...but I felt that I was along for the year's journey and that I 'was there' at the farm. I'm a Barbara Kingsolver fan and probably predispositioned to enjoying her work. What don't you like about the book?

Anonymous said...

I eat a lot of yogurt, I need to check this out, I could probably save a lot of $$! Not to mention the plastic containers the yogurt comes in. I recycle them, but still.