Friday, September 05, 2008

Pickled Eggs

After a bunch of really hot muggy days, I can feel a little bit of fall in the air, this fine Friday evening. Fall reminds me always of going back to school, and some of the fondest memories I have is my time spent at Michigan Tech, especially the pickled eggs. I'm pretty fussy about pickled eggs. I haven't been able to find pickled eggs served anywhere to my liking down here in the lower peninsula.

I did a quick spin through the "intraweb machine" to find out some more pickled egg recipes. The Ann Arbor Public Library has a terrific online collection of local cookbooks called Ann Arbor Cooks. Here's the pickled egg recipe I found that was featured in the Ann Arbor Cookbook, 1904 edition. Mark Bittman calls for pickling spices. If you are a fan of the pink pickled egg, you might want to try this recipe. Harold McGee himself suggests leaving the shells on and keeping them unrefrigerated for a year. Yikes! As for me, I'm sticking with my tried and true recipe which was rumored to be the very one made by the B&B Bar in Houghton, Michigan. Still my favorite after I've been gone almost 20 years from the place!

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