Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Household product recommendations

1) Never buy cheap store brand aluminum foil. Always buy Reynolds Heavy Duty - the large width. Bargain aluminum foil tears, and the wide width comes in handy most of the time. You can always make it smaller, but you can't make the narrow width wider.

2) Only buy Saran Wrap...other plastic wrap doesn't stick. I avoid using plastic wrap wherever possible, but some times, only Saran Wrap will do. You know, for when you need an airtight seal in the fridge.

3) Use Waxtex bags for packing items like sandwiches in sack lunches. They are biodegradable - other bags aren't. They can be found at Hillier's in Ann Arbor. I am currently coveting this neoprene lunch bag like my friend Nancy has, but until I get one, I try to reuse any plastic bag that has managed to creep into my life to pack my lunch in. If I get two uses out of a bag, I feel better.

4) Chico bags are the best reusable shopping bag around. You can get them in Ann Arbor at Tree City Diapers. They're so small, you can carry them with you anywhere. No more forgetting them in the trunk.

5) Wash Away is the best stuff to get most laundry stains out. I've tried everything, trust me. If it is a grease stain, you will need Afta dry cleaning fluid. (not environmentally friendly - handle with care). Can be found at Hiller's or some high end fabric shops.

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Anonymous said...

In regards to Saran Wrap, as clingy as it is, it does not cling very well to plastic, especially a container that was taken out of the frig and set on the counter for a few minutes, developing condensation.

The plastic wrap brand Stretch Tite, works flawlessly. In the Ann Arbor / Jackson area I have only found it at Meijers.