Saturday, March 08, 2008

For the birds

I finally was able to get out and buy some more bird seed. I like to shop at the Dexter Mill for my bird seed - they have a lot of variety. I bought the "Cardinal Mix" this time. The deer love to eat my bird food, so I bought them a deer block and put it on the far edge of our property - in the woods. Hopefully, they will like the block better than my seeds. This year, I moved the bird feeder so I can see it from the kitchen table.
I can't identify too many birds, (yes, I know this is a cardinal) so someone recommended Birds of Michigan to help me. It's a great book - I checked it out of the library and I can't wait to buy it used somewhere. It's small, and it is organized by color, and lets me know what season to expect the bird. I usually get lots of juncos at the feeder this time of year. Who knew they wintered here in balmy Ann Arbor!
Today, the Junior Girl Scout troop my daughter belongs to had a sledding party on our neighborhood sledding hill. It is known as Cardiac Hill, because riders almost have a heart attack because of sled speed or the fear of being deposited in the creek on the more southerly face. It is cold and windy today, and the promised snowfall turned out to be a "weathergasm". Still, the girls had a nice time.

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