Friday, February 29, 2008


When I was in college, we liked to frequent a bar in in Houghton called the Ambassador, and they served drinks in brandy snifters called "fishbowls". I have recipes for some of these drinks, which are favorites of Michigan Tech students for many years. Here they are:

Purple Rain
1 shot creme de almond
1 shot blue curacao
2 shots white rum
1/3 shot Rose's lime juice

Add enough Squirt to make 1 quart.

2 shots gin
1 shot creme de almond
1 shot white rum

Add 2/3 part orange and 1/3 part pineapple juice to make 1 quart.

Quaalude (my favorite)

1 shot each:

Southern Comfort
triple sec
creme de almond

Add 1 part orange juice and 1 part Sprite to make 1 quart


CandyG said...

Do you have (or can you get) any of the Library Bar special drink recipes? (Tootsie Roll, Pink Lady) I used to have the entire drink recipe book, but it got lost in one of my many moves after college.

MrsRye1 said...

Scorpion was originally made at the Downtowner and had a different recipe. We were in Houghton about 2 years ago and was told by the bartender at the Downtowner that they didn't make them there. We went to the Ambassador & had their version. Not the same. Gave the kid behind the bar the original recipe and he made a perfect one!

CandyG said...

Can you share the Scorpion recipe you have?

Cynthia said...

I forgot all about those Library Bar drinks... I do have their house soup recipe... it's here for those that didn't see it yet: I remember the scorpions at the DT...please do share their recipe!