Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge June Roundup: Mint

artic garden studio
Wow!  Nicole's rhubarb mojitos sure look fetching!  Make sure to drink them before they fade.

dog hill kitchen
Mint and melon might even be a better combination than mint and chocolate, Maggie. Glad you have a "Minty" T shirt

a million grandmas
Mary makes a lovely mint pesto for her Middle Eastern dish this month.

propsect: the panty
I'm glad someone did the pea and mint soup, as I wanted to do it but no peas here in Michigan yet.

round here at ches hates
Raspberry mint cooler sounds like a great drink for summer.

tales from a house on the corner
Even though it's winter down under, wings with mint and honey sound wonderful.  Sorry our herb is out of season for you.

thinking out loud
Woodman waxes philosphic about mint tea while on vacation, via phone, which reminds us that sometimes, the best recipes are the simplest.

tracy's living cookbook
Someone's gotta do the classic mojito, Tracy.  And I am glad it was you!

una buona forchetta
If not mojito, gin smash, I say!  Glad to see you back in the spice rack game.

If life gives you beans, make minted bean salad, I say!

just another day on the farm
Pretty in Pink Jam looks pretty, but I can't vouch that it's food safe for canning with all that zucchini in it.  I'd skip the canning and store it in the fridge instead.  This jam reminds me of a song, of course....

oh briggsy
Somebody had do do the chocolate mint thing....I am so glad it's fresh mint chocolate chunk ice cream.

Tune in Friday for July's me when I say it will be very summery.


Farmgal said...

Sorry, I am late again, but hope you will like this recipe, its worth giving it a try..Thanks again for hosting the challange.

Anonymous said...

mine's a little late, but i participated in the challenge too! here's my fresh mint ice cream:

farmgal said...

Better late then never..

farmgal said...

Hi Mother's Kitchen

Can I ask why you are concerned with Zucchini in Jam? Even taking away my family's history with making Zuchhini jam and fruit for gen, the The Classic Zucchini Cookbook among other canning recipe books have a version of this jam in it pg 290, so I wonder why what it is about it that you would consider unsafe to can?

Please don't get me wrong, I totally understand you putting a warning on something if you don't consider it safe, hope you don't mind me asking?

Cynthia said...

@farmgal Good question....I will write a blog post about it because I have a long answer.