Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spice Rack Challenge May Roundup: Coriander

It is said that February is the cruelest month, but I think it's actually May.  For me, it's always the busiest month of the year.  Maybe that's why we only had 13 takers of this month's challenge?  

arctic garden studio
Remember Green Goddess dressing - here is her cousin Mexican Goddess dressing.  Great photography in this post, Nicole!

round here at chez hates
Coriander chicken thighs looks like a recipe that would work with chicken breasts, too!

prospect: the pantry
Pickled asparagus with curry spices is a great canning project for this time of year

eating floyd
Rebecca's gone medieval with pullum frontonianum/apicus chicken/chicken a la fronto

snowflake kitchen
A "Bend it Like Beckham" inspired aloo gobi with naan - a bread recipe I have always wanted to try.  Now I will!

thinking out loud
Summer brings us Woodman's BBQ rub

notes from a country girl living in the city
Maybe all the cilantro haters should try the curry coriander shorties?

tracy's living cookbook
Glad to find another way to make tabbouleh in this coriander tabbouleh salad

tales of a house on the corner
What a great flavor combination in this coriander infused butterscotch mousse!

a million grandmas
Another great flavor combo with Mary's coriander lime ice cream with rhubarb swirl

put a lid on it
A savory coriander onion marmalade sounds like a lovely jar to put by.

just another day on the farm
We've got the recipe for the special sauce plus a bonus dill one from last month...I like surprises!

Here's my middle eastern venture mjadara with toum

I guess I will have to pick something nice and easy for June...Any suggestions?  Let me know by Friday in the comments section.....


Daisy Driver said...

This has been a crazy busy month for many! I was going to suggest mint, I have a ton and would love some new ideas for it (one can only drink so much mint iced tea and mojitos), then it dawned on me - this is the SPICE Rack Challenge, not the HERB Rack Challenge. Bring it on, I will enjoy whatever. And if you think May was busy, June will be much crazier for me! Birthdays, fathers day, vacation and somehow I need to squeeze in my second busiest month at work!

Nicole Pearce said...

Sorry I am so late to comment on everyone's posts. I was on vacation for two weeks and now getting caught up at work. Even if there were fewer posts, I have to say I really enjoyed looking through them all. Another great month and lots of new recipes to try.