Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dill Recipes

We had a small turnout for this month's challenge - as it turns out, many people don't like dill.  Who knew!  But I saw that lots of our participants didn't blog at all this month.  It's really easy to start a blog, it's a whole 'nother thing to keep at it week after week, month after month, year after year.    These bloggers are making it happen.....

arctic garden studio
Nicole's white cheddar and dill crackers would make a great little snack to go with a beer or cocktail on an unexpected warm spring day.

dog hill kitchen
Looks good, but did the lemon dilly cashew "sour cream" dip meet Alex's approval?

eating floyd
These dolmas look dynamite! I agree that dried dill weed is a "ghost of it's former self" but have you tried using the seed instead? 

jonski blogski
Great way to eat all those cold weather greens - chard pie

a million grandmas
Kerala egg salad can be a great way to use up all the leftover Easter eggs

notes from a country girl living in the city
Finally a pickle in the bunch with fermented dill beans!

oh briggsy
Like the Cranberries, the Briggsy family dill dip has stood the test of time

prospect: the pantry
Doubled down the dill with roots stew with cabbage and dill seed and dill corn sticks.  Sounds like fresh dill wins over dried!

put a lid on it
Great with Greek food - cream cheese dill bread.

round here at chez hates
Another wonderful looking bread - dill batter bread style

snowflake kitchen
It's what goes with proper British tea - white cheddar and dill milk scones

thinking out loud
Glad to see more dilly beans - my favorite pickle!  They make a great cocktail stirrer for a bloody mary or martini.

tracy's living cookbook
This big fat Greek burger will be great on the grill this summer.

here's mine
Chicken lemon and dill with orzo

Tune in this Friday for the May challenge!


Nicole Pearce said...

I am glad to see those who have stuck with it. I look forward to the posts each month. I love that you have made it a pretty easy group to keep up with as far as once a month and choice of what we do with each spice. I feel like I have the option to do something simple if my schedule is hectic and also do something more involved when time allows. Having an online community is a huge part of why I blog. Thanks for hosting.

Vivienne said...

Oh, heck, I'm going to have to post my Cottage Cheese Dill Bread recipe. It is an old classic but a favorite - and the more (fresh) dill the better.

Tricia said...

I mentioned in my post that I should make spanakorizo (spinach with rice) with dill. I did, and the dill was fairly obvious when it was freshly cooked. Didn't like it as much as without. However, after it mellowed in the fridge, it was better!

Maggie said...

Thanks for the roundup. Alex still only likes the french onion version of the dip but I liked the dill version a lot. Gotta try the dill seed root stew while it still cold out, that sounds great!