Sunday, May 17, 2009

5 Sad Songs

Patti asked for my list of my Top 5 Sad they are:
  • (Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. (Insert oomlauts where you see fit). I still love this song for some reason...must be my continuing fascination with the Dorian Mode, although I hate anything by Carlos Santana. The Dorian mode is his calling card. Do you like "Scarborough Fair"? "Mood Dance"? Any church song based on Gaelic tunes from the Sacred Harp? Then you, too are a fan of the Dorian Mode. It's a minor key scale, and also the one used in "The Reaper".
  • Speaking of Scarborough Fair, Simon & Garfunkel are a veritable treasure trove of sad songs. "Sounds of Silence"??? "I Am a Rock"???? They pale in comparison to "The Boxer"? That's one of my sad 5....but then again, they also wrote "Feelin' Groovy" which is one of the happiest songs ever.
  • "Selfless, Cold and Composed" by Ben Folds Five. Another one of those deceptively happy sounding songs, like Patti's listing of "Veronica" by Elvis Costello. It is home of the saddest lyrics ever written: "You just smile politely, like a bank teller, telling me to have a nice life." What could be worse than breaking up with someone that isn't affected?
  • "Chelsea Morning" by Joni Mitchell. Another "Veronica" type song, it really is a sad tune talking about denying the inevitable and trying to do whatever it takes to make a relationship work. Think about it - Joni says..."Won't you stay, we'll put on the day and we'll talk in present tenses?" You know he won't was just a one night stand. Even though she promises that "when the curtain closes and the rainbow runs away", she will "bring him incense owls by night, by candlelight, by jewel light", if only he will stay. He's not gonna stay....
  • "Rock Star" by the Carpenters. Just think of the lyrics....captures the feelings of every 14 year old girl everywhere. So sad, so true!


Anonymous said...

I thought about listing "My Little Town" by S&G. Again, it sounds so upbeat, until you realize that Paul is telling us that there's nothing but the dead and dying back in his little town.
Why do these people write this stuff!!!!!!?????

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Sandy said...

Finally a post in my element…

The lyrics from Dream Theater’s “Pull Me Under” still leave me thinking profoundly – “All life is future to past. Every breath leaves me one less to my last. Damn, there went another 20 breaths while I was typing this.